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You Know You Want to Learn How to Cook 

So Why Don't You?

I’ve heard all the excuses-

  • Cooking is so frustrating…


  • I’m afraid I’ll cut myself.  I don’t even know the right way to hold a knife…

  •  I just don’t have the time…


  • I’ve tried to cook but nothing ever turns out…


  • I get to the kitchen and I’m overwhelmed…


  • It’s just me and seems like a lot to just feed myself…


  • It’s so stressful…


I get it.  Cooking can seem like a HUGE effort with little reward.

Cooking is Not an All or Nothing Prospect.

Guess what?   

Nobody is a Natural Born Cook.  I Wasn’t.

Before I was the "Kitchen Dad," with the Youtube cooking show and writing books I struggled.

I learned like many people do, watching my mom and dad in the kitchen.  

They taught me some basic skills, answered my questions and I tried.  Often I failed but I learned and it was fun.  I was getting better and wanted to learn more. 

Use to be that learning to cook was a skill passed down from a family member.  Mom taught the skills to her kids or maybe grandma helped.   Not anymore.

People just aren’t learning the skills but for some reason expect to be able to able to walk into the kitchen and create something wonderful and tasty without any training.  

Good news is that you can become proficient in the kitchen and when you are, it isn’t stressful and it can be fun and a great way to bond with others.

It’s hard to know what to do and just like any skill there are BASICS you need to learn. 

That's when I realized...

Everyone Needs to Learn The Basics of Cooking 

I decided to create Kitchen Dads Classroom to help anyone improve their skills, from the absolute beginner to someone who just wants to be a better cook.  It's an extension of my book, but better.

You can read about cutting an onion but I can show you with a video in less than 30 seconds, most people learn better by seeing the skill.  

It’s Like Having Me in the Kitchen with You.

The videos are short, to the point and easy to consume.  They cover all specific topics and build upon one another.  

We start out with Getting Ready to Cook and The Rules of the Kitchen - you're the boss, you get to make the rules.

Next up you'll learn the 3 essential knifes you need to cover any situation and the correct way to hold them to avoid bloodshed (both yours and other peoples.)  

At a loss of what all the different tools and gadgets are?  Not to worry, I cover the most common ones, what they are how to use them so you'll never be at a loss again.

Now you are ready tackle some real food!  We'll go over the 3 basic types of cuts used in everyday cooking - chopping, dicing, and slicing.

Then we bring in the core vegetables used in many, many recipes, things like onions, peppers, carrots, garlic and more.  You'll apply the the 3 basics cuts to each of them and be a kitchen knife ninja in no time.  

But you won't stop there, more videos on other fruits and veggies so you can dazzle your friends and family with new found skill.

At this point you have a bunch of things cut up, you'll need to cook them.  Discussion on the most common methods of cooking with water and with oil.

Now you are armed with knowledge and skill, we start with some simple recipes - some basics.  My goal is for you to learn not only skills in the kitchen but to be able to make some simply and tasty food so I've included some simple video recipes from my best selling book - Kitchen Dads The Basics.  

You Can Start Making Some Fabulous Food for Yourself or Friends and Family.  

They'll be amazed at what a home chef pro you've become.  

Once you are confident with a few recipes, time to tackle a few more. You'll have plenty of ideas as I'm adding new video to the course all the time.  As a member of Kitchen Dad Classroom, you get lifetime access to all current and future content.

Take a look below at the current course curriculum.


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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
    Show Content
    • How to use this course
    • A message from the instructor
    • Before we begin...
  • 02
    Lesson 1: Before You Start Cooking
    Show Content
    • Keeping everyone safe in the kitchen.
    • How to read a recipe.
    • Cutting Boards and Prepping Your Work Area
  • 03
    Lesson 2: Kitchen Knife Essentials - The 3 Essential Knifes You Need and How to Use Them So You Don't Cut Your Fingers Off
    Show Content
  • 04
    Lesson 3: Kitchen Tools and Equipment - Part 1
    Show Content
  • 05
    Lesson 4: Kitchen Tools and Equipment - Part 2
    Show Content
  • 06
    Cutting Up Foods - Onions
    Show Content
  • 07
    Cutting Up Foods - Peppers
    Show Content
    • How to Cut a Pepper
    • How to Slice a Pepper
    • How to Dice a Pepper
  • 08
    Cutting Up Food - Celery
    Show Content
    • How to Dice Celery
    • How to Cut Celery in Half-Moons
    • How to Cut Celery for Stir-Fry
  • 09
    Cutting up Food - Carrots
    Show Content
    • How to Cut Matchstick Carrots
    • How to Cut Carrots into Circles
    • Troubleshooting Carrots
  • 10
    Cutting Up Food - Garlic
    Show Content
    • How to Peel Garlic
    • How to Slice Garlic
    • How to Mince Garlic
  • 11
    Cutting Up Food - Zucchini & Squash
    Show Content
    • How to Cut Up a Zucchini or Squash
  • 12
    Cutting Up Foods - Cantaloupe
    Show Content
    • The Easiest Way to Cut Up Cantaloupe
  • 13
    Cutting up Foods - How To Zest Citrus
    Show Content
    • How to Zest a Citrus
  • 14
    Cutting up Food - Avocado
    Show Content
    • How to Cut up an Avocado
  • 15
    Cutting Up Food - Pineapple
    Show Content
    • How to Cut Up Pineapple - Method 1
    • How to Cut Up Pineapple - Method 2
  • 16
    Cutting up Food - Papaya
    Show Content
    • KD Classroom - How to Prep a Papaya
  • 17
    Cutting Up Food - Apples
    Show Content
    • How to Peel an Apple
  • 18
    Cutting Up Food - Fennel
    Show Content
    • How to Prepare Fennel
  • 19
    Lesson 6: Cooking Methods - Using Water
    Show Content
    • How to Simmer
    • How to Poach
    • How to Boil
    • How to Steam
  • 20
    Lesson 7: Cooking Methods - Using Oils and Butter
    Show Content
    • How to Saute
    • How to Pan Fry
    • How to Deep Fry
  • 21
    Bonus - Eggs
    Show Content
    • How to Crack an Egg
    • How to Make Scrambled Eggs
  • 22
    LET'S EAT! Some Simple, Easy and Tasty Recipes From My Cookbook - Kitchen Dads The Basics
    Show Content
    • Sauted Mahi-Mahi with Lemon Garlic Butter
    • Fish in Foil on the Grill
    • Easy Breakfast Egg Cups with Veggies
    • Super Simple Sheet Pan Pepper and Sausage
    • Stuffed Zucchini Boats
    • Summer Garden Vegetable Salad
    • Grilled Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese, Bacon and Tomatoes
    • Cajun Shrimp in Foil
  • 23
    COMING SOON - How to Cook Pasta Perfect Every Time
    Show Content
    • How to Cook Pasta Perfect Every Time
  • 24
    COMING SOON - Salad Dressing - My Favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette
    Show Content
    • Salad Dressing - My Favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • 25
    COMING SOON - Chicken Breast 3 Ways - Poaching, Baking and Sauteing
    Show Content
    • Chicken Breast 3 Ways - Poaching, Baking and Sauteing
  • 26
    COMING SOON - Easy Pot Roast Which Melts in Your Mouth
    Show Content
    • Easy Pot Roast Which Melts in Your Mouth
  • 27
    COMING SOON - How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs ( The Easy Way)
    Show Content
    • How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs ( The Easy Way)
  • 28
    COMING SOON - How to Cook Perfectly Fluffy Rice Every Time
    Show Content
    • How to Cook Perfectly Fluffy Rice Every Time
  • 29
    COMING SOON - InstaPot Basics
    Show Content
    • InstaPot Basics
  • 30
    COMING SOON - Crock-Pot Basics
    Show Content
    • Crock-Pot Basics
  • 31
    COMING SOON - Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce
    Show Content
    • Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce
  • 32
    COMING SOON - How to Cook Beef
    Show Content
    • How to Cook Beef
  • 33
    COMING SOON - Nick's World Famous Grilled Cheese
    Show Content
    • Nick's World Famous Grilled Cheese

See What They Are Saying

“I wanted to find a good resource for my sons to learn how to cook. The videos in this course along with Cliff's book, helped my sons to gain confidence and feel comfortable. They actually WANT TO COOK now and get excited about trying new recipes. Recommend Kitchen Dads Classroom for anyone who wants improve their skills in the kitchen.”


Sarah McDavid

“I wanted to learn more in the kitchen and make meals for the family but didn't know where to turn. Cliff's videos are great. I'm more confident in the kitchen and know what what to do. My skills have improved and now I can make some simple and tasty meals. I like to cook and my wife is really happy when it's my night to cook and feed the family.”

Dad Learning to Cook

Mike Davies

“For a girl who beat out 70,000 people to make it on Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey, in reality, the kitchen is a "foreign land" to me...I am totally lost there and definitely don't speak the language. This is the easiest, clearest and most FUN cooking instruction have seen. It takes away my usual state of overwhelm and actually makes this foreign land seem navigable! A must have for cooks and non cooks alike! ”

Master Chef Season 3.

Patti Negri - Celebrity Psychic

  • Instructor

    Cliff Pelloni is not a professional chef, just a Dad who loves to cook. He grew up in a family who loved food and cooking and wanted to pass that legacy on to his kids.

    He started Kitchen Dads as a way to preserve family recipes while teaching his kids some basic cooking skills. Since its inception it has grown into a movement to get not only more Dads in the kitchen but a place where both kids and adults alike can learn how to cook simple, healthy, delicious meals which their families will love and have fun making.

    His weekly Kitchen Dads internet cooking show is viewed in over 170 countries around the world. Recipes can be viewed at www.KitchenDadsCooking.com

    Cliff resides in Roswell, Georgia with his wife, Wanda, two Kitchen Kids and dog Bella. When he's not cooking, he's thinking about food, talking to someone about food or planning what next to eat.

    Cliff Pelloni

    Head Kitchen Dad

    Cliff Pelloni

Cooking Should Be Fun, Not Frustrating

Quit struggling and start cooking and enjoying yourself in the kitchen

  • Simple, easy to consume lessons.

  • Covers everything you need to get started and build confidence in the kitchen.

  • Great for new cooks or people wanting to improve their skills and knowledge in the kitchen.

  • Simple, tasty and easy to make recipes.

  • And much, much, more!


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